En 'El País" Ed.Internacional : Catalan-Basque-Navarrese monarchy around carlist clamaint

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En 'El País" Ed.Internacional : Catalan-Basque-Navarrese monarchy around carlist clamaint Empty En 'El País" Ed.Internacional : Catalan-Basque-Navarrese monarchy around carlist clamaint

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Catalan-Basque-Navarrese monarchy around carlist clamaint


King Juan Carlos's comments during his television interview on Friday night about "the intransigence that accompanies extremist policies" prompted sharp criticism from Catalan and Basque nationalist politicians, while the United Left described the televised appearance as a "missed opportunity."
The monarch spoke of the importance of unity in the wake of independence campaigns in Catalonia, saying: "Those who hold extreme views lead us to separatist politics, which are not good for us. At this time, it is better for Spain to be united, all of us together."

The governing Popular Party (PP) praised the king's message of unity, while the main opposition Socialists made no official comment. The PP's spokesman in the Catalan regional parliament, Enric Millo, said that the king sent out a message of unity that was "conciliatory and necessary" in the rare television interview. Millo highlighted what he said was the need for unity "at this difficult time." He added that he believed the king's comments "are in line with those of the majority of Catalans and Spaniards," and that most Catalans, in his view, believe that independence for the region would weaken it, and Spain.

The regional government in Catalonia has said that it intends to hold a referendum on separation from Spain next year.
The center-right Convergence and Union (CiU) bloc, which runs Catalonia, made no comment on the king's interview. Alfred Bosch, the spokesman for the leftwing Catalan Republican Party (ERC) in Congress, accused the king of "condemning" Catalonia's efforts to achieve independence despite not being elected or having to answer to anybody. "We are not going to give up our campaign just because a head of state says so," said Bosch, pointing out that he wants to see a peaceful and democratic transition toward independence.
Bosch suggested to King Juan Carlos that he follow the example of Queen Elizabeth II, who has kept silent on the referendum to be held in Scotland in 2014 on independence. "He should stop worrying about these things and be more concerned about putting his own house in order," said Bosch.
Laia Ortiz, of pro-referendum Initiative for Catalonia, released a statement saying that the king had "wrongly diagnosed" the situation in the country. She described the interview as a "joke that shows that the crown is on the way out."
In reference to the country's Constitution, which guarantees the unity of Spain, she added: "The king always talks about unity and shutting others up, but he doesn't understand that the constitutional agreement is finished."
She said it was unfortunate that the king "talks about conflict and breakup," instead of discussing government policies to break up the welfare state. "This was a superficial interview, scandalous, and part of a week in which state television has celebrated the figure of the king, without ever questioning his role."
Speaking on behalf of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), Senator Iñaki Anasagsti - who last year proposed the idea of creating a Catalan-Basque-Navarrese monarchy around Domingo de Habsburgo-Borbón, the Habsburg-Bourbon Carlist claimant to the Spanish throne - said: "The king talks about separatists, not about separators, nor about the reasons for the decline in relations between different regions," adding that the interview was "full of generalizations and obvious comments that told us nothing new. The questions were clearly prepared, as were the answers."

The United Left leader, Gaspar Llamazares, described the interview as a "missed opportunity," saying that instead of shedding more light on the workings of the Royal Household, "the refusal to pose delicate questions cast more doubt on it." He went on to say that "the worst thing is that aside from being a missed opportunity, it was erroneous, because the moderator was clearly speaking from a political standpoint. We have had one blunder after another this last year, and this was yet another."


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